Episode 11: Sticks and Stones


You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of the dust… You make beautiful things out of us.’ – Gungor


Sticks and Stones by Chris Garner, Darwin, Australia

Sticks and Stones is a digital painting done with brushes and textures within Photoshop over many layers. The process of layering this image combines the gestural marks and shapes representative of physical experiences we all encounter with words in our lives. The concept of how someone journeys through life is captured in this painting by the black form which looms on the side as a wall of emotion coming towards them behind the words we face. The lines are the sounds and impacts of the words, some are more subtle than others. These can be abrasive, cutting and sometimes lingering on through into intense feelings of doubt and even loss of hope, But behind the darkness lies the richness and radiance of the glorious hope which God calls us to, being the yellow canvas below.


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