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Begin Again Beginnings #8 Begin Again with Nathan Gernetzky

Hi friends! Welcome to the 8th episode in this series. Wow! Thank you for going back with me to the beginnings of Begin Again. The material you hear was shared on a weekly radio slot in our home city. Link FM has a wide range of listeners and I was given the opportunity to create material for a weekly show called "Begin Again." This material is all in a summary of a large body of work I am writing and will share on the podcast which deals with how to find true and lasting inner transformation. You will discover my journey both in these episodes and get up to speed with where we are going next. If you find these episodes helpful, please share them on your social media. You can also book a once-off zoom chat with me about your next steps towards inner transformation. Maybe you have a business or organization that you know can work smarter, better, and maintain healthy relationships while doing so – I'd love to help you and your team as I also specialize in Team Dynamics Transformation. You can email me – beginagainwithnathangernetzky@gmail.com
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